About Us

Hello! Bamboo Co.

We are a company that makes musical instruments. The line is well crafted for music enthusiasts of all ages around the world. Our goods are available in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Canada and the United States of America. Due to its easy learning and transportability, the ukulele is Bamboo’s starlet. Argentinian illustrators are in charge of the lively and colorful aesthetic of our ukes. This gives our instruments opportunities beyond music, to be seen as a piece of art and design.
We come from Argentina in South America, also known as the world’s end. Through the Andes mountains exist deserts, pampas and grasslands. The Patagonian vibe is our source of creativity. In Bamboo, the mission is to gather artistic talents in the 'Bamboo Community. We invite you to dream, create and have fun. More than an entertainment, our instruments are a means of cultural exchange. Music is our route to union and integration. Furthermore, it is our way of life. We are committed to the community by supporting charities with musical causes. We are part of a new paradigm. We desire to promote education through music. Therefore, it is our aim to send the message of union, collaboration and social commitment through our instruments, and to grow by doing goodwill. 

We invite you to live the music.

Music is life.